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Specialties: Sugaring, Body Grooming, Facials


Following his passion in skin care, Shawn studied esthetics, sugar waxing and men's body grooming. After living in Hawaii for several years, and perfecting his skills as a skin care specialist, he made the move to New York City and founded Hush Manhattan. His vision to reinvent the entire spa experience to one befitting the modern man was established in 2010.

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Specialties: Sugaring, Body Treatments, Body Work, Body Grooming, Facials


Louis is a New York native, trained at the Aveda Institute and Swedish Institute of Health Sciences. He specializes in massage therapy; swedish, deep tissue, lymphatic, shiatsu, lomi lomi, and sports massages. Skincare practices; with applications or organic and natural treatments. Hair removal, body grooming and body treatments. A lifetime of practice and teachings in various martial arts, schooling's in myology, anatomy, kinesiology and esthesiology have enabled me to have a great understanding of the human physiology. His healing hands help alleviate the pain and pressure of everyday stress.

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Southern born and bred. Raised and trained in the ancient art of Body Hair Bounty Hunting. David has been a terror to rogue hair follicles since he was old enough to chop wood with his knuckles. He's Sugared his way through the Great Back Hair Scare of 2015 and the Pubonic Plague of 2019. Some say he's a Hero, and he doesn't disagree.

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Specialties:  Facials, Sugaring, Body Grooming, Body Treatments, Body Work

Julio is a Licensed New York State Esthetician and member of the Associated SkinCare Professionals. His practice and expertise combined with his gentle nature, attentiveness and genuine desire to make his client feel good will leave you feeling rejuvenated, pampered and youthful.  He is formally trained in several skincare modalities, body grooming and hair removal, as well as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, and Thai relaxation techniques. 

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Specialties: Body Treatments, Body Work

Jermaine brings years of massage experience and has worked with many athletes and dancers. He specializes in a variety of body techniques: Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Deep Tissue.

Jermaine has a predictable disposition and a charismatic personality.

He is a people person. Her unique approach and refreshing touch will leave you rejuvenated and relaxed.



Specialties:  Body Treatments, Body Work

Damian is a skilled blending sports and therapeutic techniques with a signature  touch. He is a long-time yogi who got turned on to strength training to deepen his practice. Over ten years, he packed on the muscles, gaining over 50lbs, which help him deliver strong, soothing strokes. Through mentorship and dedicated practice, Damian learned to incorporate restorative sports and therapeutic massage to aid his personal recovery from workouts.

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Specialties:  Sugaring, Body Grooming, Body Treatments, Body Work

Mark is a Martial Arts enthusiast and has been practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since his early years.
This Crimea natively is a highly experienced sugarer and body groomer.
Specialized in Deep Tissue and Sports massages, Mark brings years of experience and dedication to his profession, offering a high-level service with genuine client care.

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